Pan´s Labyrinth Regisseur Guillermo Del Toro dreht momentan die Fortsetzung zu seinem Film Hellboy. Gerüchten zu Folge soll er sich dann an eine Verfilmung von Tom Mannings Graphic Novel Runoff wagen. In einem Interview mit sagte Manning:

“Guillermo Del Toro, Nick Nunziata and Lloyd Levin basically contacted me a year ago and we started talking about doing this project together... It's been moving along in baby steps ever since, but I think that's the way of Hollywood. We haven't worked out contractual details yet, so there are quite a few hoops to jump through before we're rolling any film. I'm not sure where this would fit into Guillermo's schedule, I know he's got his fingers in a lot of projects, but I hope Runoff cuts in line once it's a go.”


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