Wir haben für euch die Gewinner der AAFCA (African American Film Critics Association) Awards 2009:


1. Precious
2. The Princess and The Frog
3. Up In The Air
4. The Hurt Locker
5. This Is It
6. American Violet
7. Goodbye Solo
8. Medicine for Melancholy
9. Good Hair
10. Up

Best Actor- Morgan Freeman, “Invictus”

Best Actress- Nicole Beharie, “American Violet”

Best Supporting Actress- Mo’Nique, “Precious”

Best Supporting Actor- Anthony Mackie, “The Hurt Locker”

Best Director- Lee Daniels, “Precious”

Best Screenplay (tie)- Geoffrey Fletcher, “Precious” and R. Clements, R. Edwards, J. Musker, “The Princess and the Frog”

Special Achievement- Michael Jackson, “This Is It”

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