Zwar gibt es noch nicht einmal einen Trailer zum kommenden Viggo Mortensen Film The Road, aber das Esquire Magazin hat bereits den ganzen Film gesehen, und nun ein erstes Review verfasst. Darin wird die Verfilmung des Romans von Pulitzerpreisträger Cormac McCarthy als "wichtigster Film des Jahres" bezeichnet. Hier ein Auszug aus der Kritik:

"It is a brilliantly directed adaptation of a beloved novel, a delicate and anachronistically loving look at the immodest and brutish end of us all. You want them to get there, you want them to get there, you want them to get there — and yet you do not want it, any of it, to end."

"In every moment — even the last one — you'll want to know what happens next, even if you can hardly stand to look. Because The Road is a story about the persistence of love between a father and a son, and in that way it's more like a remake of The Godfather than some echo of I Am Legend."
The Road (2009)
Kinostart: 08.10.2010
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