Nun sind die ersten Kritiken zum neuen Pixar-Film Oben aufgetaucht, der am 13. Mai das Cannes Filmfestival eröffnen wird, und wie man es von Pixar gewohnt ist, überschlagen sich die ersten Kritiken fast vor Lob:

Richard Corliss vom Time Magazin:

The movie stirs lots of cinematic echoes, some natural — Walt Disney’s Dumbo was a touchstone for Docter — and some weird. The dragging of a large structure over rugged South American terrain is also a motif in the Werner Herzog epic Fitzcarraldo. A love story continued after death: Remember Ghost? Docter also cites Thomas McCarthy’s The Station Agent, “the story of a solitary guy who reconnects with the world.”

…Extending the patented Pixar mix of humor and heart, Up is the studio’s most deeply emotional and affecting work. Docter says he had a ball digging fresh ground, finding “this nice new road that we got to go out and drive on.” The story of a septuagenarian grouch who uses his cane, hearing aid and dentures to thwart all evildoers; a buddy movie whose pals are separated by 70 years; a love story that transcends the grave — has there been a movie like this in the history of feature animation? “Well,” says the man who made Up, “I hope not!”

Emanuel Levy (vergibt die Bestnote A):

In the production notes, Peter Docter says that “Up” is inspired by the escapist dream-fantasy, the kind of which will make fans of “Peter Pan” proud, the notion that “you could just float away and take anything what you want with you.” In this story, it just happens that Carl wants to take with him the house he has shared most of his life happily with Elly (who still resides there, in a sense). Observes Docter the writer: “We came up with this image of a floating house held aloft by balloons, and it just seemed to capture what we were after in terms of escaping the world. We quickly realized that the world is really about relationships, and that’s what Carl comes to discover.”

“Wall-E” may be more brilliant technically, but when it comes to feelings and emotions, it’s safe to observe that the story of “Up” is more resonant and its characters, both young and old, more touching. Along with the humor, the picture exhibits a big, warm heart, exemplifying the motto of studio founder Walt Disney, who believed that, “For every laugh, there should be a tear.” Amazingly, “Up” is serious and funny, poignant and frivolous (when it needs to be), but also unexpectedly romantic. We get to experience with Carl the love that he and his late wife shared for over half a century.

Oben (OT: Up)
Kinostart: 17.09.2009
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