CHUD meldet nun, dass 20th Century Fox zwar nie geplant hat ein Sequel zum Tim Burton Film Planet der Affen zu drehen, aber dennoch die Franchise am Leben erhalten wollte. Also plant man nun ein Prequel zu drehen. Hier die Meldung von CHUD:

"In this version Caesar is the result of a genetic scientist fooling around with the nature of things. When the baby monkey (Caesar) exhibits intelligence and the ability to talk, he takes the cuddly thing home to his wife, who is unable to bear children. Things go surprisingly well for a number of years until Caesar grows up and sees mommy getting attacked. The dutiful son steps in and accidentally kills the attacker.

Here's where it takes off. Caesar ends up in custody at an Ape Conservatory where he and the other apes are abused mercilessly. Caesar finds himself a primate without a world - he's as smart as humans but will never be one of them (and is in fact tortured by them) and he's initially rejected by his monkey brethren.

You're on Caesar's side, understanding where this poor outcast is coming from. But then the script gets really ballsy and, just like in 'Conquest,' Caesar begins a campaign to unite the apes and overthrow human society. And his plan isn't a Martin Luther King Jr series of marches, speeches and sit ins - Caesar and his apes take to the streets violently.

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