Hier gibt es jetzt ein Interview mit Oliver Stone über seinen aktuellen Film W. und die politische Lage. Hier ein Auszug:

“You laugh in your mind, because Bush is a goof-ball, because he’s awkward, but at the same time he has a stubborn-ness, a John Wayne ethos, an anger, an impatience, that make him fascinating. You may hate Wayne’s politics, but you may well enjoy his company on screen.”

“I think McCain’s a very special story because he was never a soldier,” Stone says coldly. “He’s said he never saw the results of his own bombing. I saw the damage we did, I saw the corpses, the decay, I smelt the flesh, I saw people who’d been napalmed, people who’d been killed by shrapnel, mutilated. I saw horrible things. McCain was a prisoner and he has a siege mentality. He doesn’t see a balanced portrait of cause and effect – there’s something missing in the man, mentally.”

And McCain’s running-mate, the moose-wrangling, gun-toting Alaskan beauty queen Sarah Palin? “She’s very ignorant. Ignorance is an American characteristic. To me, Palin and McCain look like a poster for a San Diego news channel.”

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