Im Internet ist nun ein internes Memo von MGM durchgesickert, dass die Reaktionen auf den neuen Operation Walküre Trailer analysiert, und dem Studio somit einen Überblick verschafft wie das Publikum dem Film gegenüber steht:

"Currently, reactions to the Valkyrie trailer are significantly favorable (approximately 80%) within Entertainment, Fan-Boy, Video Sharing, Social Networks, Social Bookmarks, and Fan communities. Fans deem the trailer "fantastic," often praising the "stylistic" way that the footage was cut and asserting that it is "way better" than the initial teaser. Enthusiasts also note that the "intriguing" trailer has furthered their anticipation for the film's release and anticipate that it will feature many great performances from the ensemble cast."

"Additionally, many viewers share avid excitement to see Bryan Singer's "distinctive work" in the film and, while others admitted that they "aren't fans" of Tom Cruise, they stated that the trailer has "sold" them on seeing Valkyrie in December. Neutral reactions (15%) arise from viewers sharing mixed reactions to the trailer, often asserting that while the film has the potential to be "awesome" they still have their doubts based on the initial critical buzz. The limited amount of unfavorable discussion (5%) stems from critics expressing general disinterest in the film, contending that the trailer makes Valkyrie look like "another Hollywood action movie.""

"While the majority of buzz about the lack of German accents is neutral, the topic is fueling discussion among online audiences. Critics contend that their absence creates a "lack of cohesiveness" while supporters believe that their inclusion would make the film appear "cheesy." There were also numerous users sharing mixed opinions on the topic, stating that while the lack of accents is "distracting" and anticipate it will "take some getting used to," the trailer "looks amazing" and they intend on seeing the film upon its release."

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