Im Interview mit dem Wizard Magazine sprach David Duchovny auch über die Möglichkeiten von weiteren Akte-X Filmen:

"I know it took me about a year to feel whole after the show was over. After that point I was ready, and it was always my intention, my desire, that the show would continue on in movie form."

 Und genauer über die Sequels an sich sagte er:

"I wouldn't see any reason to do it unless it were. It's a serial show by its nature. The frame and the characters throw off an infinite number of stories and situations, it's a classic, archetypal relationship, with a believer and a nonbeliever, with this kind of unrequited love in the middle of it, and it all works. And that can work forever as long as your stories are good."

Quelle: Wizard Magazin

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