raimi.jpgSam Raimi, Regisseur von Spider-Man 1-3 hat sich noch immer nicht entschieden ob er den vierten Teil drehen wird, oder nicht. Prinzipiell ist seine Liebe zu den Charakteren ungebrochen, aber die Erschöpfung nach dem Ende der Dreharbeiten des dritten Teils, war ziemlich überwältigend. In einem Interview mit Wizard wurde Raimi erneut auf den vierten Spider-Man Film angesprochen. Hier ist was er zu sagen hat:

Looking back, you've worked on Spider-Man in some way for nearly eight years. Has the excitement stayed with you?

RAIMI: I'm just as excited about the character, and so in that sense, yes. Although the physical energy level between how I felt before I started shooting versus what was left of me on the last day of photography, I was so exhausted at the end of "Spider-Man 3" I can't tell you. My love for the characters and my passion for the stories are the same, but I was just a shell of the person that I was after all of those movies.

If you had to take a break and pick a director to replace you on the franchise, is there anyone at the top of your list?

RAIMI: Because I love Spider-Man I would just say—I don't want to pick someone. I don't know if I’ll be directing the picture or not, but I'd like to say that it would be somebody that was the best gift I could give to Spider-Man—someone who understands him and loves him and could bring his passion and love to the character. A character director probably; no one else.

Quelle: Wizard

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