eliroth.jpgHostel Regisseur Eli Roth, verriet im Interview mit MTV nun erneut einiges zu seinem kommenden Projekt Trailer Trash, in dem er die Grindhouse Idee der Fake-Trailer aufgreift: "Originally I was going to do it with a bunch of other directors, but now as I’m writing it, I don’t want to share it. I want to shoot them all myself. I’m going to be directing the feature - in certain cases, we might make a rare exception, like Edgar Wright … But really only in one or two cases; otherwise I’m going to be directing the film.” Auch eine Szene aus dem Film beschrieb er näher: “Okay, you got it out of me. There’s going to be a scene where a guy gives [a zombie] weed, and the zombies get the munchies.”

Quelle: Joblo.com

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