halo.jpgNeill Blomkamp, der eigentlich als Regisseur für die Videospielverfilmung Halo verantwortlich sein sollte, sprach nun mit Creativity Online, über das gescheiterte Projekt: "The film is entirely dead. In the configuration it was in. Whatever happens with that movie, assuming that movie gets made, will be a totally different configuration. It's not so much me as the entire vessel sank…" Blomkamp wurde auch gefragt wie es bei den Studios angekommen ist, dass er seine Zukunft als sehr realistische ScFi anlegen wollte: "I was going to push that as far as [I could] until the studios kind of threw a noose around me. I was going to go as far with that as I possibly could. I wanted it to feel like the most brutal, real version of science fiction in a war environment that you've seen in a while. And Universal was on board with that. I don't really remember what Fox thought about it, but Universal seemed down with it. It would have been cool, it would have been a unique take on things, science fiction in a dirty, organic way."

Quelle: Joblo.com

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