Into the Abyss - Erste Reviews zum Werner Herzog Film!
Im Internet sind nun die ersten Kritiken zur neuen Doku von Werner Herzog, Into the Abyss aufgetaucht. Hier ein Überblick über die ersten Pressestimmen:

In Contention - POSITIV
I happen to believe in capital punishment, situationally, but I’m not interested in debating the politics of that in this space. I just think it’s worth it to give my perspective. The point is I found this film incredibly poignant, the best of the festival for me so far, and absolutely crucial viewing for anyone who thinks he or she has an opinion on the matter. It simply isn’t right to have that opinion safely, from a distance. The stakes are too high.

Variety - POSITIV
Though Herzog never appears onscreen, his hypnotic German accent -- plus the faintest guitar score in places -- invites further reflection. These days, true-crime docs are a dime a dozen, and yet, returning to the "In Cold Blood" analogy, "Into the Abyss" dares to plumb the dark hole in America's soul. Herzog's investigation may not work as an anti-death-penalty editorial, but its findings are undeniably profound.

Sound on Sight - POSITIV
Despite the not-at-all concealed nature of Herzog’s take on capital punishment, Abyss ultimately does not function primarily as an anti-capital punishment advocacy piece, but instead another one of Herzog’s elaborated portraits of life on the margins of existence – here presented both in the form of people with no time left and those whose loss makes their remaining time the heaviest of all possible burdens. Despite the occasional bouts of humor, absurdity, and charm, it’s a fittingly dark piece.
Into the Abyss (2011)
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