Dokumentarfilmer Michael Moore sprach jetzt in einem Interview mit The Advocate darüber, was eventuell sein nächstes Thema werden könnte: Homsexualität. Da dies in den USA immer noch ein Tabuthema ist, wird Moore wohl erneut einen Nerv treffen. Hier was der Filmemacher darüber zu sagen hat:

“I think it’s a very ripe subject for someone like me to make a movie about. Simply because we are not there yet and it remains one of the last open wounds on our soul that we are not willing to fix yet,” Moore told The Advocate. “There is nowhere in the four Gospels where Jesus uses the word homosexual.’ The right wing has appropriated this guy … and they have used him to attack gays and lesbians, when he never said a single word against people who are homosexual. Anyone who professes to be a Christian and does that is certainly not following the teachings of Jesus Christ.”


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